West Virginia Mountain Dreams

Flying W Farms

Reading through my rss feed today I saw this article about a local food purveyor in West Virginia. The piece had some nice things to say about Flying W Farms…

I’d heard about Flying  W Farms in Burlington, West Virginia from my parents, who regularly bought butchered meat from them over the years. However, I’d never been to their store.  This summer, I got that chance when my dad suddenly decided he wanted a lamb.

Flying W is a local meat butcher and seller located in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia in an area that used to be very agriculturally based.  When I was a child and visited West Virginia, we could regularly get local meat and usually experienced amazing home cooked food both from relatives and family friends we visited, even small stores. As the decades have passed, most small farms have gone out of business, traditional dishes are scarce and chains are dominant and any local restaurants in the area usually serve frozen and processed foods with zero local flavor or tradition.

via Looking for Local in a Rural Food Desert: Flying W Farms | Flavor Magazine: The only independent publication dedicated to local food, Virginia wine, and sustainable agriculture in the Capital foodshed..