Granny Sue’s “About Land”

Moving to wild West Virginia land might have seemed like an irresponsible thing to do with 4 little boys and absolutely no idea of what hardship could be ahead or what I was doing. But somewhere there was a voice calling me home, calling me to this hilly piece of land that some called worthless, and holding me here to grow roots. ~ Granny Sue’s News and Reviews: About Land.

Those words I read this morning touched me…Go read the whole tribute to her land at the link.

Could A National Park Be In West Virginia’s Future

The National Park Service is beginning the process of making parts of West Virginia’s Monongehela National Forest a national park, something the state does not have currently. The process starts with a survey, scheduled for next month and planned to be complete in September 2012, to determine if the area is viable for a national park. Specifically, the survey would, “determine whether the historic, natural and recreational resources in the project area are ‘likely’ or ‘unlikely’ to meet Congressionally-required criteria for a national park.” That statement is per a press release from the National Park Service. The survey was requested by West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin D and the proposed park is being referred to as High Allegheny National Park. The proposed area would also include parts of Blackwater Falls and Canaan Valley state parks and well-known sites like Seneca Rocks, the Dolly Sods and Spruce Knob.

via The process to bring a national park to West Virginia has begun — Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine.

Wildflowers in the New River Gorge National Park

We’re “walking into spring” with New River Gorge National Park Rangers. They’re pointing out the simple gifts that grow in the gorge–wildflowers for which our state is famous.
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