The Last Mountain – The Movie

The Last Mountain is scarier than any Saw, Alien or Friday the 13th film ever made. It’s a documentary about mountaintop coal removal in West Virginia, starring a group of locals whose environment is slowly turning into toxic sludge and an energy company whose methods are so predatory, they make Wall Street bankers look like acolytes of Mother Teresa.

“If someone tried to blow up a mountain in Utah or Colorado, they’d be put in jail. Why is that allowed in West Virginia?” asks environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who figures prominently in the film. “It’s because the public does not know it’s happening,” he continues. “Investigative journalism has disappeared in this country. Americans are the best entertained and least informed people on the planet. If the people really knew, they wouldn’t tolerate it.”

via The Last Mountain: A Scary Movie About … Coal – Miller-McCune.

And from what I heard on the radio yesterday…Massey Energy is going away…By being absorbed into it’s one time rival. The name changes, but the game goes on… As do the executives at Massey who will now have a different logo on their paychecks each week.

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